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What is Italian Leather?

The distinguishing feature of Italian leather is its quality. The complex process of leather making has been around for millennia, changing from time to time and place to place, being refined and developed as new materials and techniques were introduced. While leather tanning is one humanity’s earliest technological achievements, the origin of Italian leather can be attributed to the development of a process known as vegetable tanning. This technique is thought to have developed in ancient Egypt and gradually have made its way into Europe, where it reached its apotheosis in Italy during the Italian Renaissance. Guilds were formed, and special techniques were kept as closely guarded family secrets – and many still are. Tuscany, in particular, became famous for the quality of its leather. The cultural and economic climate of renaissance-era Tuscany was fertile soil for the leather industry, and the region established a reputation for excellence that has grown over five centuries.

To this day, Italian leather retains the quality that made it famous. True Italian leather is not mass produced; it is handmade by skilled artisans and comes from family owned companies with generations of experience. Vegetable tannins are always used. Cheap synthetic chemicals have no place in the world of Italian leather. Only the very best producers can live up to these standards. They are the elite, and their products are the best in the world. The leather they produce is soft and extremely durable. They use the highest quality dyes and construction materials.

The result speaks for itself. This level of quality is what we expect from our suppliers. All of the products here come from the best artisans in Italy. They are true Italian leather – imported from Tuscany. At the crossroads of tradition and technology lies something truly special. More than practical and more than pretty, it is the culmination of five hundred years of expertise. It is exacting quality and style, designed for years of faithful service. It is for people who do not believe in cutting corners. Who hold themselves to the highest standard. If you are looking for a cheap, mediocre knock off, then you should look elsewhere. If you want superior style and quality, then you have come to the right place.

Our Products

All of our products are true Italian leather – made in Italy by the best artisans and backed with a two-year warranty. Italian leather is not just leather made in Italy. It is the result of a centuries old tradition of excellence applied through modern technology to create something truly special. Come see for yourself.